CMT Atomizers HSG (High Speed Gearbox)

New Rotary Atomizer HSG High Speed Gearbox

We, at CMT Atomizers are very proud to announce that the project of a new generation of Rotary Atomizers with High Speed Gearbox (HSG) has now ended and we have started the manufacturing of the first prototype.

This new Atomizer will complete the range of technologies now available at CMT Atomizers which include all the possible variants that only CMT has now available:

  •      Air Drive
  •      Belt drive
  •      Direct drive with high speed motor air cooled
  •      Direct drive with High speed motor liquid cooled
  •      Gearbox drive

After 1 year of complete dedication, evaluation of many solutions, explored new technology of manufacturing, cooperation with the most important suppliers for components and technologies, we are excited to communicate that our prototype has been tested with great results and is now ready for sale!

This project is the bigger investment after the one made for the new factory in Albiate and it is a project in which we strongly believe.

Why the gearbox technology?

Because it has always been recognized as the most sturdy and reliable construction for Rotary Atomizers medium and large size. Engineered as heavy duty industrial design

Because it is the only technology that can guarantee great reliability with high installed powers used for large capacities in chemical and flue gas cleaning industries.

Because It is the only technology that allows to have an alternative for the replacement of existing atomizers on the market using the same technology, and that most customers are very reluctant to change with others.

The replacement with the new CMT HSG will be “plug and run”. No modifications will be required for installation or utilities.

Because we had a number of enquiries from customers, mainly in flue gas cleaning area, asking for this technology and we lost them because these atomizers were not available in our delivery program. The great interest expressed by many customers gave us the motivation to invest in this project and the premises are very promising to achieve great success.

Because we have taken the best technology today available on the market and simply improved with many technical and innovative solutions. Innovative gear system very compact and extremely reliable with very low noise and vibration emissions, new design for liquid distributors and wheels, internal oil pump, oil cooler on board, sealing system to avoid 100% any risk of oil contamination in the product especially for food and dairy application, easy maintenance, be able to operate with negative or positive pressure in the drying chamber.

Because this project was necessary for CMT Atomizers to be one of the leaders in this specific market where only first class machines are requested but only very few can offer.

Because a project like this could only be achieved by a great team of engineers as we have! 

The whole project has been developed and managed by one of the maximum expert nowadays in rotary atomizers who has been for 12 years manager of the group of the atomizer division in the largest and most recognized company in the world, and now is part of CMT Atomizers family.

Some Numbers

The total project include 3 sizes in a time window of 4-5 years:

  • HSG 160 with applicable motor sizes from 45 to 160Kw up to 18.000 rpm. This will be the first size in production.
  • HSG 250 with applicable motor sizes from >160 to 250kw up to 18.000rpm. Developed in parallel but expected in 2025/2026.
  • HSG 600 with applicable motor sizes >250 up to 600Kw 13.000 rpm. It will be developed in 2028.

 It is designed with 3 different set up:

  • Dairy and food in a range 45 to 160KW 
  • Chemical in a range 45 to 250Kw
  • Flue gas cleaning in a range 45 to 600Kw

The Schedule

The first prototype with 160Kw power supply is now ready for sale!

The atomizer has been tested for 1 month in our test center. Subsequently it was delivered to a large European company that installed and tested it 7/7 without interruption.
This latest test brought great results and great satisfaction, even for the customer!

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