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CMT Atomizers has invested many resources in recent years to develop oil free atomizers that do not require any oil for bearings lubrication, and today CMT Atomizers is the only one that can offer oil free atomizers for capacities up to 10Tons / h with installed power of over 100kW and speed from 7.000 to 60.000 rpm, making it the undisputed leader in this market technology.

Over 100 units in operation worldwide from University to large corporation, is the best answer that we can prove with facts and not with words the quality of our Oil free technology. This can only be achieved with years of experience in the field.

The atomizer oil free has a unique design in order to meet the high quality standards in terms of hygiene and sanitary regulation, (HACCP and FDA) key words to be used in food, flavor, dairy and pharma applications or for high values powders production where any risk of oil contamination in the product must be avoided.

As they are extremely reliable, the Oil free CMT Atomizers do not require any specific maintenance and they are very easy and simple to handle.

Whole atomizer is manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 316L to avoid any issue related to possible material contamination (rust, painting, oxidation).

The spindle and motor bearings are state of the art hybrid ceramic bearings, and no oil is required for their lubrication for the entire bearing’s lifetime.

Atomizer is direct drive with high speed motor (no belts are required, with no risk of pollution due to the black powder that they produce), it has a very smooth operation and very low noise emission.

Anyway as option also belt driven is available as oil free version.

Wheel and liquid distributor are designed with the most suitable design for a wide range of products in order to meet the right requirement in powder specification and long run operation without risk of deposits at the bottom of the atomizer, that can be source of undesired spots and contamination in the powder.

The atomizer has a modular concept and can be supplied also with tailor made solutions to replace existing atomizers without any modification is needed to be done on the spray dryer.

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