Rotary Atomizers

The atomizer is a key component and the heart in a spray dryer plant, and 80% of the result in powder quality and productivity depends on it. This is the reason why rotary atomizer represents the reputation of the whole plant and must be extremely reliable.

CMT Atomizers are designed on the basis of 7 fundamentals:

  • High quality standards, designed according to CE regulations
  • First class materials and components
  • High reliability for long terms operations and avoid downtime in production
  • Smooth operation without vibrations, of great importance in all industrial productions. Thanks to the concept of flexible spindle, irregularity in feed rate or minor unbalance on the wheel can be compensated without damaging the rotary parts
  • High centrifugal force available with high rotation speed of the wheel (up to 250mt/sec)
  • Correct distribution configuration, designed according to the product specification in order to avoid Vibrations, deposits, clogging or undesired dark particles in the final product
  • Flexibility, as the rotary atomizer must be able to handle a wide range of products and possesses a controllable operation in order to produce any type of desired powder

Features and benefits of Rotary Atomizers:

  • Liquid feed systems can operate at a relatively low pressure due to the break-up energy that is supplied by the wheel’s high speed given by the atomizer drive.
  • Rotary atomizer is able to operate where clogging would be a problem for spray nozzle systems.
  • Rotary atomizer can handle large quantities of abrasive and non-abrasive feeds.
  • Rotary atomizer can handle highly viscous concentrates.
  • Rotary atomizer can handle products with crystals.
  • Rotary atomizer is flexible. Particle size can be changed by changing the wheel speed. Typically from 5 up to 150µ
  • Rotary atomizer can be equipped with different wheel design giving different powder characteristics and bulk density
  • Rotary atomizer can be equipped with a wide range of wheels with different design and size for abrasive and non-abrasive feeds.
  • Rotary atomizer is designed and manufactured to meet the standards and requirements of the process plant and industry.
  • Rotary atomizer can operate with higher solid content in the feed, therefore better economy

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