Safety monitoring systems

Safety monitoring systems

The Atomizer is a key component in a spray dryer plant and, in order to guarantee maximum operating safety under production, safety and monitoring systems are available

  • Sensors for atomizer bearings temperatures
  • Sensors for motor bearings temperatures ( High Speed Motor)
  • Air flow sensor (High Speed Motor air cooled)
  • Flow switch sensor (High Speed Motor –Liquid cooled)
  • Sensor for atomizer vibration (accelerometer)
  • Sensor for spindle vibration (displacement)
  • Sensor for Rpm monitoring
  • Sensor for flooding alarm
  • Sensors for oil connections (if atomizer is oil lubricated)
  • Oil lubrication cycles (if atomizer is oil lubricated)
  • Running hour meter

The Local panel in stainless steel with safety electronics equipment is supplied already wired, with analog, digital, relay outputs, ready to be interfaced with customer system

Lubrication system

Lubrication plays a very important role for a safe operation of the Atomizer. When oil lubrication for atomizer bearings is required, CMT atomizers are equipped with a separate automatic lubricator unit “minimal” system.

A very small amount of oil (few cubic mm x hour) is delivered to the bearings through a low flow of compressed air. 

The advantages of this system are :

  • Very low oil consumption (from 200 to 500 cubic/mm hour) according to atomizer’s size
  • The correct amount of oil delivered to the bearings guarantees optimal friction reducing temperatures
  • The oil is not in the form of fog. No risk of ambient pollution
  • The low air flow preserves against contamination of bearings from dirty
  • Oil amount and time of cycle can be adjusted according to need

The lubrication unit is controlled by an internal PLC :

  • Low oil level alarm
  • Oil delivery alarm
  • Low air pressure alarm
  • High air pressure alarm

An internal vacuum pump (controlled by its PLC) removes the oil from the atomizer sump.

A system of seals prevent the oil leakage from atomizer.

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