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CMT Atomizers is today the leading and world-wide only independent producer of high performance Rotary Atomizers for Spray Dryers applications in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and flue gas cleaning industries.

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The atomizer is a key component and the heart in a spray dryer plant, and 80% of the result in powder quality and productivity depends on it. This is the reason why rotary atomizer...

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The rotary valves are normally installed for the interception, unloading and for the dose of powder and granules resulting from spray dryers, fluid beds, cyclones, silos, filters...

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The liquid or pneumatic activated, retractable CIP spray nozzles remain in place during production, eliminating the repetitive tasks of installing and removing spray balls for the CIP cycle...

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Service, repair, refurbishing, upgrade

The Rotary Atomizer is the key component in a spray dryer plant and it is vital that every service performed on it is a masterpiece. With a team of very skilled technicians we can offer our competency to keep your atomizers fully operational.

Aftermarket services

A team of professionals and process engineers offer to our customers best support and fast response to any issue related to their Spray Dryers plant including troubleshooting, optimization, increase capacity, safety upgrade, waste heat recovery.


CMT atomizers are designed with the most modern design technologies 2D and 3D to achieve first class results. Nothing can be left to chance in the design of atomizers.


CMT Atomizers as a global player believe in the power of partnership to grow and stay close to customers locally.

We look for ways to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what customers need today and in the future. CMT Atomizers has partners (representatives and agents) worldwide.

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CMT Atomizers can supply state of the art non OEM parts for all the main atomizer brands. Perfectly interchangeable and more competitive in prices

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