We would like to notify all our visitors and customers of the existence of this website, belonging to a Chinese company:


CMT SHANGHAI CO. LTD. 12F, Shui On Plaza    No. 333 Middle Huai Hai Road  Shanghai, China Email: info@cmt-atomizer.com which uses, without any authorisation whatsoever from us, trademarks, images and text which are the property of CMT ATOMIZERS.

This website is misleading and has no manufacturing capability in Europe, despite what it might say, related to CMT ATOMIZERS.

The website is improperly using our good name for the aim of achieving a purely commercial advantage with products of dubious quality and whose origins are unknown.

We therefore advise you to be extremely wary of contacting this website since the products it markets have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with products from CMT ATOMIZERS.

This is to protect our products, our worldwide reputation and our 50 years of history and experience in rotary atomizer technology.

For further information, please contact

CMT Atomizers c/o

VetterTec China Co. Ltd. 微泰贸易(上海)有限公司 Shanghai, Xuhui District, No. 500 Yunjin Road

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CMT上海有限公司 12F, Shui On Plaza    No.333 Middle Huai Hai Road  Shanghai, China 电子邮箱:info@cmt-atomizer.com

 在未获得本公司任何授权的情况下使用属于CMT ATOMIZERS公司所有的商标、图片和文字。

这是一个欺诈网站,其在欧洲并无与CMT ATOMIZERS公司有关的任何生产。


因此我们请广大客户警惕联系此网站,因为其所销售的产品与CMT ATOMIZERS公司的产品无任何关系。




 CMT Atomizers公司

VetterTec China Co.有限公司 微泰贸易(上海)有限公司 Shanghai, Xuhui District, No.500 Yunjin Road

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