CMT has a solution for users of the gea niro f35 atomizer


CMT has a solution for users of the gea niro f35 atomizer

CMT Atomizers – the only independent manufacturer of first class rotary atomizers worldwide for spray drying plants – has over the past years helped many companies using a GEA Niro F35 atomizer.

The GEA Niro F35 atomizer is a reliable and robust rotary atomizer for medium feed rate ranges. The atomizer is driven by an electrical motor via a belt drive and a worm gear. Many clients worldwide are appreciating the quality of the GEA Niro F35 for many years and are looking for a solution once an overhaul or spare parts are required in order to continue its lifetime.

CMT is offering a complete overhaul service for the F35 in their workshop. After a first inspection of your atomizer CMT will prepare a report which outlines the proposed repair requirements. CMT can either reestablish the original condition by adding new parts where necessary or make improvements like:

  • Install modern control sensors like vibration or temperature monitoring
  • Add new atomizers wheels with different designs to produce specific powder qualities

In cases where repairing the GEA Niro F35 atomizer is not an option, CMT can offer a new atomizer model CMT TC 30 which can be fitted into the existing spray dryer without any modifications. The TC 30 offers some improvements which can be interesting for you:

  • A complete atomizer design in stainless steel ideal for production in a GMP classified area
  • Oil free bearings – no lubrication system needed
  • High atomization speed up to 200 m/s
  • Increased capacity up to 5,000 kg/h
  • Motor sizes up to 55 KW
  • ATEX design for operation in an explosive environment

Please find out more about the TC 30 in the video:

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