CMT is today one of the leading and world-wide independent producers of high performance rotary atomizer systems for spray drying applications in the dairy and food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Since the foundation, more than 700 units have been introduced to the industries globally and today, CMT offers to its clients completely new and own designed atomizers, replacement atomizers for all renowned brands, parts and consulting for upgrading atomizers and improving performance and finally a complete spare parts range for every part around the atomizer and every brand in the market. The portfolio is extended by a series of rotary valves specifically for the powder processing industries and a range of CIP nozzles which are designed around the extensive know how on rotating spraying wheels.

The history of CMT dates back to 1950 and CMT is fully owned by private individuals who are mainly interested in providing the best products and quality in the market at affordable price levels, investing all their know how and energy to develop the most suitable design for each of its clients’ application. We would never sell anything which we don’t consider as the right solution. Therefore, we highly evaluate the direct communication to our clients. Our clients need is the focus of all our efforts and we support them with our tremendous experience and our ability to develop new solutions if necessary, in order to optimize or improve existing standards.

CMT new headquarter (from April 2018) is a modern factory of 2500sqm located in Albiate, 20 km north of Milan. It will become a company of the future, strongly attentive to the customer, to the market, to research and innovation, and which intends to grow over the long term.

The factory is equipped with a test center for the test of atomizers both empty and under load, up to a capacity of 15 tons/h, with sophisticated tools for monitoring behavior, do development and to ensure that customer requirements are met to be entirely satisfied with results.

Major clients are multinational corporations, engineering companies , manufacturers of spray dryers systems and direct users too.

The atomizer is the heart of a spray dryer plant and represents 80% of its reputation.

This is why it is important to rely on those who have not only knowledge but also experience, references  and a solid and consolidated structure with global presence.

We know this and this is why words are not enough for us. The facts are needed.

Only with these credentials it is possible to guarantee customers the attention they need.

At CMT Atomizers, we have the two most important things that do not appear in our balance sheet: our reputation and our men.


  1. Design and supply a complete standard range of rotary atomizers for all common spray drying applications and spray drying brands
  2. Design and supply tailor made rotary atomizers beyond the market standards for customer's specific requirement and replacement of any other brands
  3. Design and supply a complete range of rotary valves and C.I.P. retractable nozzles
  4. Provide After-market and technical service and advice on all above mentioned products, maintenance and performance upgrades, modification on existing SD plants
  5. Provide spare parts for both CMT products and all other available brands of rotary atomizers

A team of highly qualified professionals, experts and skilled engineers are available for any customer’s need.

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