CMT aftermarket division established to serve your business


CMT aftermarket division established to serve your business

CMT atomizers, the leading and world-wide only independent producer of first class rotary atomizers for spray drying application, is proud to announce the new Aftermarket Division to give the best support and fast response to customers, not only concerning Rotary Atomizers but also to solve any issue related to the Spray Dryer Plant.

A team of engineers with great experience in spray drying technology and with high skills are now part of CMT Atomizers’ family and gave life to the CMT Aftermarket Division (which will be reinforced in the near future), to offer solutions for modification of existing Spray Dryers plants:

  • Surface scanning/Crack test for spray dryer towers with Magnescan system
  • Safety upgrade with assessment for CO2 detection, explosion protection, venting, suppression, etc...
  • Plant safety survey
  • Mounting of additional safety equipment
  • Plant capacity increase
  • Waste heat recovery, energy consumption, ROI calculation
  • Replacement of worn out or damaged plants components
  • Plant emission reduction
  • Control system and instrumentation upgrade
  • Plant relocation
  • Product or process modification
  • On site Audit

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