Cmt Atomizers… the story continues in the new headquarters of albiate


Cmt Atomizers… the story continues in the new headquarters of albiate

CMT is today one of the leading and world-wide independent producers of high performances rotary atomizer systems for spay drying application in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and flue gas cleaning industries is pleased to announce to all the old, new and future customers the opening of the new headquarters of Albiate, near to Milan Italy, a modern factory of 2.500 square meters that will become a company of the future, strongly attentive to the customer, to the market, to research and in innovation, which intends to grow over the long term.

The investment is aimed at strengthening the CMT brand in the top level of the Atomizers market world-wide.

The factory will be equipped with a modern test center for the test of atomizers both empty and under load up to a capacity of 15 tons/h with sophisticated tools for monitoring behavior, do development and to ensure that customer requirements are met to be entirely satisfied with results.

The atomizer is the heart of a spray dryer plant and represent 80% of its reputation.

This is why it is important to rely on those who have not only knowledge but experience ( at CMT we have an atomizer history of 50 years, references ( at CMT we have more than 650 world-wide) and a solid and consolidated structure.

We know this and this is why words are not enough for us. The facts are needed.

Only with these credentials can the customers be guaranteed of the attention they need.

But investiment has not been done only on structures, but on persons. The success of the company is made by those who make them up.

We have strengthened our team of engineers with the inclusion of highly qualified technicians with great and long experience in the field, which are the added value in our company.

Three new mechanical and process engineers coming from the two leading companies in the Spray Drying sector and one mechanical engineer from WEIR oil &gas are now part of our family.

Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard to build a solid reputation and reach it. We can’t buy it. We must earn it.

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