Everything will be fine!
All the world but expecially Italy is going through a difficult condition but our experience of contrasting the spread of the corona virus will probably be useful for all other countries.
All we know that all together we can win this war. Nobody saves himself alone.

We would like to thank all our valuable customers, partners, friends all over the world who were anxious about us, and we want to reassure them. We are all fine.
Despite the difficulties of the moment, we at CMT Atomizers are fully operational following the strict behavior guidelines of the authorities to protect our health and that of all our employees and their families.
Here are just the last three Atomizers direct drive for the production of lithium battery powder for a project for one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The three atomizers have a production capacity of about 180 tons / day, which are added to the others already in operation in various plants around the world for a total capacity of over 230.000 tons / year, confirming CMT Atomizers's leadership in this sector. Other two atomizers for capacity of 100 tons/day are under progress to be delivered May this year.
These are the results of a great team with great professionalism and competence.

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