CMT Atomizers is the leading supplier of Rotary Atomizers for the Battery Powder and has introduced a new industrial standard for the production of battery powder with more than 15 units in operation for a capacity of more than 400.000 tons/year of finished powder.

The batteries need to have a high energy density to reduce the specific size and weight. The development of such batteries require the main compound to be at the highest quality. 

Battery producers demand a very fine powder with a very narrow particle size distribution. For this specific application CMT Atomizers has developed an optimized wheel design which narrows the particle size distribution by 50% when comparing with industrial standard wheels or twin fluid nozzle processes. 

CMT high speed atomizer units operate at wheel speeds of up to 220 m/s and produce an extreme fine droplets spray. A new project of 3 Direct Drive Rotary Atomizers for total capacity of 120tons/day for one of the large company leader in the world is now started to be delivered by February 2020. The project is a joint venture between CMT Atomizers an US and a Chinese companies.

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